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                                 The Photographer

Hi! I am Jenny, founder of Jenny Diaz Amazing Photography. When you work with me you will get AMAZING images that show your best qualities and features because I am 100% focused on amazing results by bringing out and capturing you in your most amazing moments!


It is my passion and my craft to team up with you to develop a truly amazing photo shoot that showcases the dynamics that you wish to accentuate and celebrate, whatever the occasion: WEDDINGS, COUPLES, MATERNITY, FAMILY, ANNIVERSARIES, KIDS, FASHION, HEADSHOTS, BUSINESS PROFILES...YOU NAME IT, I am dedicated to you, my client, to making it happen!


All my life I have admired and studied people and their amazing emotions, personalities and relationships and it has become my purpose to use photography so that YOU can see and share with others the most amazing aspects of your life by capturing your fullest most vibrant self! As a student of The New York Institute of Photography I have learned to perfect my skills toward this purpose and bring you these amazing results!


It is my obsession to help you and every client create your own beautiful scenes, where you can experience and present your own creation, emotions and creativity; moments where you express your love, happiness and joy for life and all that you live for and what makes it AMAZING!



Thank you for choosing Jenny Diaz Amazing Photography! I look forward to working with you to create the most amazing pictures of your life!

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